How to win her over on Facebook

How to win her over on Facebook


Running Facebook promotions is a powerful way to reach your female audience, especially considering 80% of women have a Facebook account and 72% are more likely to stay engaged with brands she Likes. Here are the four Facebook promotions available and how they could reach your female audience.

1. Sweepstakes Promotion: This is a great way to encourage your female customer to Like your page (in order to enter) and collect contact info from the entry form, for future use. Letting her enter daily also supports more interaction with your page, allowing you to connect on the authentic level she seeks. With her busy life in mind, keep your entry form simple and ensure the prize value equates to your product. Example: A gift card with enough value to pay for your product is not only appealing; it makes her life easier – exactly what she’s looking for.

2. Deals and Offers: Putting a deal or offer on your page, i.e. “Like our page to receive this coupon”, can gain fans and again, simplify her life with say, savings. Besides deal tabs, this app lets a user share a post on a friend’s newsfeed to access the deal. Not only could you reach a wider audience, but 80% of women try things based on friends’ suggestions. Just ensure the deal is worthwhile, keep it simple and easy for her to share, and you’re set.

3. Contest Promotion: In contrast to sweepstakes, contest promotions require more interaction from users, such as submitting a photo, video or answer; voting, etc. So, you’ll not only gain higher exposure for your brand through sharing (which she loves to do), but you’ll achieve a higher engagement with your female consumer, as well. You’ll also be able to gauge which entrants are apt to become your loyal customer – especially if interacting/familiarising themselves with your product is part of the promo.

4. Multi-Network Social Promotion: Because this promo requires users to accomplish a task on other social networks in order to access an offer, you’ll have a great opportunity to extend info about your brand to other social networks. This could be highly effective if marketing to women: Of the 3.3 million-plus Pinterest users worldwide, 82% are female (Note: Aesthetics are as important to her as the message itself). Plus, over half of Twitter’s 1.8 million-plus Australian users are also female.

Read about these promotions in greater detail, here. And for more helpful hints on marketing to women on social media, just call and say hello.